Protect Yourself Online

Protect Yourself Online

We live in a digital world.  You can access the internet practically anywhere and so many resources are available at the push of a button.  We can shop online, access our medical records, look for information about our interests or places we want to eat, the list goes on.  We are also now providing a lot more personal information online, such as through the purchases we make, the surveys we take, the social media we connect with or even the online searches we conduct.  In most of our daily internet use, we don’t consciously think about the risks to using the internet. However, it’s important to stay on top of our privacy and know how and when to protect yourself online.  Since much more of our identity is at risk these days, we should take the extra steps to make sure it’s secure. Here are a few internet protection basics:

  • Make sure your software is up to date.
  • Change your passwords regularly. Don’t use the same password for multiple things and make sure they are complex. Also don’t write them down or share them with other people.
  • Be careful about public WiFi and what you access while on it. It’s recommended to have a VPN or set your own secure WiFi at home.  Believe it or not public WiFi is free range for hackers.
  • Learn what scams are through ads and emails you open. Avoid them by not clicking on sites unless you are certain they are secure.
  • Be smart about what information you are giving online to any source.

If you access the internet at school or at work, make sure you are complying with their online security measures and ask about how you can stay secure with your personal devices.  Hope these tips help to keep your personal information secure!


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