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Promoting Positivity

What is your workplace, school, home, or friends and family interactions like?  With today’s news stories it can be hard to look past them while maintaining positivity.  However, we need positivity now more than ever. Gaining and maintaining positivity is a lifelong quality that can help you through the ups and downs of life.  Positivity starts on the inside and can greatly impact other people around us.  Being positive is a choice that we can make each moment of each day.  So why choose positivity? Many of our circumstances and situations are out of our control but dealing with them through positivity is our choice to make.  Staying positive is something that we can control and feel good about.  It can help us stay on track with moving forward and hoping for a good outcome.  Beyond helping ourselves, staying positive can help other people in our lives.  Positive people are people we naturally gravitate toward, because they can make us feel good.  Why not become that positive person for someone else?  Make a difference in someone else’s life by showing your positivity.  Positivity is also infectious and can easily spread to other people around you, just as much as negativity can.  You can help fuel the positivity fire by making encouraging and hopeful statements.  Instead of dwelling on what is wrong or what you may dislike, focus on the good parts, even if they seem small.  Showing a smile and helping others whenever you can also demonstrate positivity.  It can be easy to tell others to be positive and to point out any negativity.  However, it can be even more challenging to display consistent positivity.  Start small with your positivity and watch it grow!

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