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Pharmacy Technician Part 1

What is a pharmacy technician?
This week is highlighting the role of a pharmacy technician.  A pharmacy technician has a significant role in assisting to keep a pharmacy safe, organized and efficient.  A pharmacy technician is part of a team that takes care of patients, specifically concerning medication needs.  A pharmacy technician works under the direct supervision of a pharmacist and performs assistive tasks in the pharmacy to dispense medications to patients.  This position is vital in a pharmacy setting to ensure patients’ medications are dispensed, medication orders are made, phone calls are answered and information is provided to patients and other healthcare professionals.  They also receive prescription orders and verify insurance coverage.  A pharmacy technician’s duties can depend on the work setting, staffing and state laws and regulations. Pharmacy technicians can be found in a variety of healthcare settings.  These can include chain and independent drugstores, hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and assisted living.  Listing these job duties, it is important to recognize the necessary skills a pharmacy technician should possess.  These skills include an attention to detail, competence, professionalism, being patient-oriented and a team player.
There can be opportunity for occupational growth in this position as our healthcare system is rapidly changing and the needs of our patients are advancing our services.  Therefore, the future of pharmacy technicians is a bright one as it is expected to continue evolving.  Currently, some pharmacies have technicians who oversee other technicians and some technicians are being used in research settings.
Later this week we will take a look at the requirements to become a pharmacy technician, job outlook, and additional resources to discovering the ins and outs of this career choice.
This information was resourced by the Pharmacy Technician Certification board http://www.ptcb.org/ and Pharmacy Times http://www.pharmacytimes.com/technician-news/the-evolving-role-of-pharmacy-technicians. Please visit our website if you are interested in pursuing a pharmacy tech certification. https://wecareonlineclasses.com/courses2/all-states/pharmacy-technician/

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