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Patient Versus Partner

There is a recent push in healthcare to transition from a patient mindset to a partner mindset.  A patient is someone who is receiving treatment and a partner is someone who takes part in his or her treatment.  This trend is patient-focused and encourages healthcare providers to impart better care.
The benefit to this approach is there is an increase in communication, a decrease in errors in treatment and better customer satisfaction.  Communication is essential, and involving people more directly in their healthcare allows them to ask questions, be given feedback and potentially learn.  Treating patients as partners actively involves them in their care, along with their family members and helps build trust for lasting relationships.  It also allows individuals to report concerns and feel confident that they will get addressed.  Overall a customer is often satisfied when they feel cared for and listened to.  These customer satisfaction rules can apply to healthcare and here is how to do it.
As Partners, there are 3 rules to follow:

  1. Listen
  2. Have open communication
  3. Involve everyone

Ultimately, individuals and their families should be partnering with healthcare providers to come to decisions.  Listening to each other, explaining treatment given and involving all necessary parties can build a strong partnership.  By partnering with each other, healthcare not only becomes easier, but more effective.  The more we work together, the better our rate for success.  Let us join together to make healthcare a partnership!
Click here to view the resource along with more detailed information on the transition from patient to partner: http://www.ihi.org/resources/Pages/ImprovementStories/DeliveringGreatCareEngagingPatientsandFamiliesasPartners.aspx

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