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Patient Rapport

Patient Rapport
Patient Rapport

What do you know about patient rapport? Patient rapport consists of a harmonious relationships between people that can include an understanding of feelings, ideas, communication and more. This patient rapport is a relationships between a healthcare provider and a patient. Patient rapport is something that must be established and can take time to build upon. It is essential to building true relationships between the patient and the healthcare provider. It can also create an environment where the patient and provider can feel safe and establish mutual respect.

Why should I practice good patient rapport? As a healthcare provider, having patient rapport can increase your workflow and efficiency, allowing for a smooth interaction. Overall, patient rapport is a part of good customer service and ultimately great patient care. Whether you are the healthcare provider or the patient, there are actions you can take to increase your rapport building skills. Rapport building is not a skill that is often taught in school or educational settings. Rather it is something that is often learned on the job or interacting with other people. Here are 5 steps to having good patient rapport:

1. A first great step to building patient rapport is having good eye contact.

2. Showing interest in the other person and making your conversation more personal can also build rapport.

3. Have open communication and active listening.

4. Know your audience and match their demeanor can also prove to build rapport.

5. Showing empathy to the other person can go a long way.

For more information and the source, click here: https://www.nursechoice.com/blog/profiles-andfeatures/how-to-build-rapport-with-patients-7-effective-tips-for-rns/?mobile=0

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