Patient Centered Care

Patient Centered Care

Patient centered care is defined as medical care that is focused on a patient’s beliefs and values and incorporates these into their treatment.  It can have a different meaning to each patient and is ultimately individualized medical care.  Patient centered care is a part of many healthcare systems today and has had an increased focus in the past several years.  This is largely due to the objective of improving patient’s quality of care.  Patient centered care is important because it involves the patient directly in their care.  This provides significance to the patient’s preferences and shows that the healthcare team is also focused on the patient and improving their quality of life.  Patient centered care provides support to the patient in their time of need.  Carer-and-cuppa_Image-Broker-Rex-400-YGLfay.jpg


How can we either start patient centered care or make sure we are following this in everyday patient care?  The first step is taking the time to listen to the patient and identifying their values and preferences.  Patient centered care can then be implemented by following these several concepts, identified by the American Nurse Today Journal.  These include demonstrating respect to the patient and their wishes, coordinating care with all parts of the treatment team, educating the patient and providing necessary information to them, ensuring the patient’s comfort and involving the patient’s family in the process.  All of these ideas are a good foundation for starting patient centered care and continuously revisiting to ensure we are providing the best practice of patient care.  Let us help make a difference in the healthcare system by spreading patient centered care!


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