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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

In recognition of National Bullying Prevention this month, here is some information about bullying and how you can get involved in spreading awareness.

Bullying: Is behavior in school-aged children that is unwanted and aggressive and has a power imbalance between the two people involved. The child can be hurt by unwanted words or actions that could be repeated over time and they may not have the ability to stop it from happening. Cyberbullying is also included in bullying prevention month. Cyberbullying happens through emails or text messages.

Why have a national prevention month: To help raise awareness about what bullying is and how we can work together to stop it. All teachers, parents and students should be aware of it and how someone can get help.

What can I do to participate: Help tell others about national bullying prevention month. You can post flyers, send out an email, or make an announcement in your class or school. Bullying is something we can all address through education and support. If you have a school-aged child or know someone who does, start the conversation about bullying and check in with them about their safety. For more ideas on how to participate, check out the source below.

For more information and the source, check out youth.gov here: https://youth.gov/ feature-article/national-bullying-prevention-month

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