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Nurse Aides: How to help when your patients are anxious.

Being admitted to the hospital can be a jarring experience. You start the day, living your normal routine.  And before you know it you’re lying on a stretcher under intense fluorescent lights. People are hovering over you, poking you with needles and talking in a language you’re not really familiar with.
Sounds like a scene from a horror movie.

Nursing Interventions for Anxiety

But nope, this is what our patients go through. And now, as they lie there with all of this going on around them. They contemplate if the life that they loved is perhaps gone. And they have seventy-five questions all popping in their head at the same moment. For the majority of patients, this will cause anxiety to rear its nasty head. As a nurse, we need to have an understanding of effective nursing interventions for anxiety so we can both comfort the patient and mitigate any stress.
Every patient is unique; there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to properly managing someone’s anxiety. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to get an understanding of who your patient is outside of the hospital and what is contributing to their anxiety now. The first thing you should determine is if they have an underlying anxiety disorder that they regularly take medication for at home.
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