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National Health Education Week

In 1995, the Society for Public Health or SOPHE, initiated national health education week.  SOPHE is an organization of health education professionals and students across the world dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors, communities, and environments.  National health education week is celebrated every third week of October and this year it falls on the week of October 19, 2020.  The purpose of creating a national health education week is to let everyone know about major public health issues and to increase awareness of health education.  Health education can include one’s physical, mental, emotional and social health.  Health education can begin on an individual level and can spread to larger groups in hopes of making societal changes.  Health educators are a vital part of our communities because they help spread the news about new health information and how to live healthy lives.  A large part of health education focuses on prevention of diseases and can help to lower the cost of medical treatment.
How can you take part in health education week?  As an individual, you can schedule a follow up appointment for your health or encourage someone you care for to do the same.  You can also take the time this week to thank the health educators in your life.  A special thank you to all the teachers and educators making a difference at We Care Online!  If you are a health educator, find a new way to promote health education this week to those you currently reach out to.  For more information on SOPHE, check out the source here: https://www.sophe.org/focus-areas/national-health-education-week/
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