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National Association of Health Unit Coordinators

The National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, also known as the NAHUC holds an annual conference to promote the profession of a health unit coordinator.  This is the 37th year of the conference and is open to unit coordinators, supervisors, administrators, educators and additional individuals who are involved in the health care system.  There is a rich history of the making of the health unit coordinator profession, which dates back to World War II.  During this time, the health unit coordinator was identified as a secretary to the hospital units and later a ward clerk.  Their initial duties included administrative tasks, which the nurses could not allocate time for, but turned into managing and coordinating unit activities.  The first NAHUC was held in 1982, at which the code of ethic and standards of practice for the health unit coordinator profession was established.  Later the certification and national exam were produced.

This year the conference is held from August 1, through August 3, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland.  During these three days, many sessions are held on a variety of topics.  These topics include the certification examination, patient safety, patient advocacy, cultural diversity, medication safety, diabetes care and more.  This conference is essential to streamlining the health unit coordinator profession across the United States and addressing policies and procedures, communication, professionalism, leadership and education which are the established standards of practice.
In addition to holding an annual educational conference, the NAHUC is a membership association dedicated to promoting health unit coordinators as a profession. The NAHUC assists to provide education, support and networking for the health unit coordinator field.  Next, we will take a closer look at the role of the NAHUC in the health unit coordinator profession.
Information was sourced from the NAHUC website: http://www.nahuc.org
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