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How Much Cardio Does It Take To Lose Weight?

Today, there are thousands of types of exercise and different ways people go about losing weight. Just by surfing the Internet, picking up a magazine, or accessing any type of news outlet and you will find one topic or another on exercise/weight loss.  There are also many opinions about what the best type of weight loss is and what it truly takes to lose weight.
Today we are taking a look specifically at cardio and how much is necessary to lose weight.  Women’s Health Magazine published an article last year detailing the multiple factors that play into cardio and losing weight.  The main point stressed is that no matter the type of exercise, in order to lose weight, you must be burning more calories than you are consuming [calories burned>calories consumed].  In order to follow this recommendation, it may be necessary to track your calorie consumption along with your exercise.
There are many available programs to assist you with this process, try searching the web!  In regards to cardio, it is recommended that one exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes between 3 and 5 times per week.  With this, it is necessary to exercise at a moderate intensity level.  However, you can switch up your intensity level throughout the week with lower and higher intensities.  This allows variety in your exercising!  Keep in mind that you will need to workout for a longer period of time at lower intensities and that at higher intensities, you will burn calories faster.  So, to answer the question of how much cardio is necessary to lose weight, the answer is dependent on how many calories you plan to burn.
Get creative in your exercise and look for ways to simultaneously enjoy it!  If you are considering exercise for weight loss, it may be beneficial to consult your doctor and/or dietician to figure out the best plan for you.   Click here for the full article by Women’s Health Magazine:

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