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Men’s Health Month

The month of June recognizes and brings awareness about men’s health and the issues that are faced.  Its purpose is to promote early detection of health problems and encourage men to seek regular medical care.  It also looks to provide care and treatment of diseases.  Some of the most common men’s health issues include, but are not limited to, heart disease, respiratory disease, liver disease, alcoholism, cancer, depression and diabetes.  Many of these conditions can be treated with early detection and prevention measures.  Beyond telling everyone you see about men’s health month, there are other ways to raise awareness.  Here are a few ways to promote men’s health month and get connected with your community this June:

  • You can demonstrate healthy habits to encourage the men in your life to do the same. Focus on eating health foods, getting regular physical activity and promoting mental health and the reduction of stress.
  • Wear blue this month to recognize men’s health month.
  • Encourage men to get regular health check-ups.
  • Find health fairs in your area this month and get involved.
  • Become educated on the signs and symptoms of a heart attack for yourself and to possibly help those around you to then seek medical care.
  • Locate events in your community that are raising awareness about men’s health.

Get involved this June in men’s health month and look after those around you.  Check out the sources for more resources and ways to promote men’s health month this June: http://www.menshealthmonth.org

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