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Meeting Etiquette

Whether your meetings occur in person, over the phone or on an online chat, the same rules of meeting etiquette apply. Meeting etiquette is important because it reflects who you are and the work you are doing. If you are representing an employer or a group of people, or even just yourself, you are the voice that is being heard and the face that is present. It is therefore best to make sure that you are attending the meeting with the utmost professionalism. Here are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind for your next meeting:
• Be on time
• Introduce yourself to any attendees who you do not know
• Come prepared to your meeting
• Speak up, when appropriate
• Take notes throughout the meeting
• Listen before speaking
• Ask clarifying questions
• Sit appropriately in your seat
• Thank everyone for attending
• Dress appropriately
• Maintain eye contact with the speaker
• Only bring the necessary supplies to sit through the meeting
• Cancel the meeting in advance if a conflict arises
There are also things to avoid doing during a meeting, that are not considered professional. Some examples of these can include:
• Interrupting other people
• Eating, unless food is provided
• Gum chewing
• Talking constantly
• Using your cellphone
• Having a side conversation with someone next to you
• Asking too many questions
• Multi-tasking your other work duties during the meeting
• Derailing the conversation and going off-topic
Whether your meeting is routine or a one-time meeting, all meetings should be approached with these same rules of etiquette. Your meeting attendance and behavior can say a lot about you and can impact how other people view you. Approach your next meeting following these tips and see your success!

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