Learn how you can become CPR certified.

Learn how you can become CPR certified.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is not just for the Emergency Medical technicians.

This is a skill that is easy for just about any adult or teenager to learn. Most of us may never have to utilize CPR. However, if we are ever in a situation that we need to use it,  this skill is invaluable. Here are several reason why this may be something you should learn:

Recommended for new parents. Many birthing classes recommend that new parents learn CPR to be available in the event of an emergency with their children while they are waiting for help to arrive.

The classes are easy and convenient. Classes usually only last several hours and can be finished  in one sitting. A small amount of time to learn such a vital skill. Places like healthcare centers, YMCAs, and  the Red Cross either host or have information about classes.

Invaluable training. Many classes also teach water safety, CPR techniques for kids and adults, and other lifesaving maneuvers like the Heimlich maneuver. Many people who have ever had to use these skills worried that they would forget in the moment, but were pleasantly surprised when they remembered the skills through muscle memory from just one class.

Learn how you can become a Certified Nurse Aide.

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