January We Care Online Staff Highlight – Cindy Cline-Gray


January We Care Online Staff Highlight – Cindy Cline-Gray

This month we learn about Cindy Cline-Gray. 

Cindy lives in Tucson, Arizona. She has been married to a handsome hunk of a guy, Mike, for over 20 years now. Mike works at a church and also has a business as a social marketing consultant. The Gray’s have two children. Their daughter, Danny, is away at college studying music and their son, Kacey, is a wrestler in high school. The Gray family also has two dogs, Chopper and Sassy.

When Cindy is not working, she volunteers at her church, reads, decorates and teaches her dogs to do crazy tricks like walking on the treadmill.  Cindy explains her logic: “It’s too hot to take them for a walk in the desert!”

Cindy has worked in the healthcare field for 12 years. She has spent most of her professional life working in sales, management, and consulting. Her specialties include organization, planning, and leading.  Her concern in leading others towards success is evident in her attitude:  “I think I just like to make things work in a way that everyone has a good time doing their job.”

Since WeCareOnline is an online company, Cindy knows that people don’t get to see her face to face or to see her workspace. Cindy has created a wonderful spot to work and states:  “I love my office. My desk sits in front of a huge picture window. I can look outside and see the birds eating the food I put out, baby lizards running up and down the trees and the occasional javelina rooting around my flowers. My dogs are always underfoot. They always have to be in the same room as me. I have 2 giant computer monitors that my husband insisted I need (and I have to admit they really do help me get more work done). The monitors almost always have a picture of my children when they were 3-5 years old. They were so cute! Now they are still cute, but they are all grown up.”

Everyone at WeCareOnline plays an important role in helping students have the best online learning experience possible. Cindy oversees all operations in the company; accounting, human resources, database operations, website development, course creation and much more. Cindy is very grateful and states:  “I’m very fortunate to have an awesome team of employees to help me keep WeCareOnline up and running!”

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