January is Blood Donor Month

January is Blood Donor Month

The month of January is recognized as the National Blood Donor Month here in the United States.  Donating blood is a safe way to help other people.  Millions of people participate in donating blood each year.  However, despite our current donations, a large percentage of people who are eligible to donate, do not donate blood.  Our communities depend on blood donations to supply local hospitals and health care facilities.  Due to the growing demands of our population and our healthcare conditions, blood donation needs are always on the rise.  Help spread awareness about blood donations in your community this month.

Why should I donate blood?

Did you know that donating blood can help save another person’s life?  Every day, 31,000 pints of blood are used to help support people with cancer, surgery, and other life-threatening conditions.  Blood donations are needed everyday from people around the world to meet those needs.  Donating blood can be a great way to connect with your community on a new level and meet some new people.  In addition to giving back to your community, going through the donation process allows you to have a blood analysis and a brief medical check at no cost.  The process for donating blood takes under and hour and should cause you no pain.  If you have a rare type of blood, it may be in greater need of donation.

For information on eligibility and for your care before and after donating blood, please check out the America’s Blood Centers’ source: https://americasblood.org/for-donors/blood-donation-101/

Help save a life today and donate!  To find a blood donation center near you, click here:  https://americasblood.org/for-donors/find-a-blood-center/

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