Increasing Your Positivity

Increasing Your Positivity

Wouldn’t it be great if we responded positively in every circumstance, both good and bad?  Unfortunately, having positivity is often not our first response in every situation that we come across.  Bad situations and unforeseen circumstances can make it challenging for us to remain positive.  While outside influences can factor into our circumstances, we have the choice on how to respond.  Believe it or not, positive thinking and personal positivity is all up to us.  Positivity starts from within us and flows outward, impacting those around us.  Positivity is one of those great tools in our thoughts, that we have the power to turn on or off.  Positivity can impact our attitude, our beliefs and our overall outlook on life.  Do you consciously think about what mood you are giving off?  Increasing your positivity can be challenging because often it can feel easier to be negative when your circumstances or situation is negative.

How can we then increase our positivity?  The first step of increasing our positivity is consciously choosing to be positive.  Choosing to be positive can reduce our overall stress.  Negativity can impact our health by increasing depression and overall stress when dealing with challenging things.  Another step of increasing your positivity is to identify when we are having negative thoughts.  Often, we need to know we are having negativity in order to make it stop.  Once we identify we are having negativity, we can replace it with positive thoughts.  Applying consistent positive thinking can take work and practice while continuously identifying our need to be positive.  Challenge yourself today by taking some of these lessons learned about positivity to increasing your positive thinking!


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