Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Month

The month of August is recognized nationally as Immunization Awareness Month.   Immunization is a process that protects one’s body, or immune system, against harmful elements that could enter.  Mostly these include diseases that we could come in contact with.  In addition, immunizations help develop one’s immune system and help it to grow stronger.  Immunizations are most frequently given as vaccinations.  Vaccinations can be given by injection, orally, or puncture.  Immunizations can prevent one from getting a disease altogether or it could lessen the disease.  Vaccinations are safe and are meant to be provided throughout our lives.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC, is a federal agency that promotes and supports health in the United States.  The CDC has a great amount of information regarding immunizations and their website provides recommendations for certain immunizations and populations.  There are immunizations for certain age groups, travelers, health care providers, people with specific conditions, racial and ethnic populations, and more.  You can also find information regarding the latest immunization changes.  Immunizations date back to hundreds of years ago and currently they continue to evolve as diseases change and new one’s form.  Immunizations are essential to promoting health in ourselves and in our loved ones.  Help promote immunizations this month in your healthcare setting, school, workplace, etc.!


If you are interested in more tools to promoting immunizations, you can check out the NPHIC, National Public Health Information Coalition:

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