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How to Turn Eating Healthy into Fun Family Time

Having a tough time keeping the family enthused about healthy eating in the late-winter, post-holiday slump? Disconnecting with New Year’s resolutions and relying more heavily on convenience foods is not uncommon for people during this time of year. Luckily, there are ways you can inspire your family to eat healthily again—and even turn dinnertime into an enjoyable family event. Read on for some ideas!

Tips to include your partner:

Flip through a cookbook together. So many of the dishes families make each week are repeats of what they’ve made before. It’s awesome to find a core collection of tried and true hits, but most of us need some variety in our life. Pick a cookbook or a food blog to flip through and select some tantalizing meals together. Make a plan to prepare at least one meal a week together, if you can—it’s a great way to reconnect during a hectic week.
Try to recreate your favorite dine-out dishes at home. If you have fallen into the take-out trap most days, there’s an easy way to dig yourself out: recreate these meals at home! Not only will you probably save a bunch of money (and the environment will thank you for not using as many take-out containers!), but you and your sweetie can find some fun in the challenge of replicating your old favorites.
Take turns meal planning throughout the week. This is especially helpful for couples who have differing tastes. Your taste buds are likely to get more variety this way, and you share the burden of planning between the two of you.

Tips to include your kids:

Let them in on the grown-up fun. Shh, they don’t have to know that grocery shopping isn’t always fun! They will probably enjoy being let in on such an adult task. Let your little ones track down the vegetables on the weekly list to boost their vocabulary and sharpen their critical thinking skills by planning what meals are made on which days.
Find age-appropriate ways to include them in the cooking process. Even toddlers can help with small tasks! Here’s a helpful infographic to get the kids involved in everyday cooking (and cleaning) practices.
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