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How to Stay Competitive in Today’s Job Market–Part 1

job_interview-RHut0I.jpg According to a report done by CBS News in May of this year, the current job market is at its strongest in the past 10 years for college graduates.  Companies are hiring new college graduates at higher levels of pay.  However, despite the job market being great, the unemployment rate has also decreased.  What this means for those graduating, or finding a new career path, or simply a new position within their field, is that it is still important to remain competitive.   Here are a few ways you can stay competitive in today’s job market.

  1. Showcase your leadership skills. Employers want to see leadership skills in you and your potential to grow.  Work on obtaining or increasing your leadership skills.
  2. Take on new roles within your position. Don’t allow yourself to become stuck in a rut within your job.  Look for ways to take on new responsibilities and ways you can learn more.
  3. Keep up with trends within your field. If you stay on track with the trends within your field it will be easier for you to take on a new path and stay ahead of the game.
  4. Increase cultural competency skills. Employers also want to see your cultural competency and this can be obtained through trainings, hands on experience and much more.
  5. Evaluate your interests and disinterests. Learning what you are passionate about and what areas you do not enjoy will help you modify your career goals.  Employers are interested in finding employees who are happy with the work they do.

Later this week, we will take a look at an additional way to remain competitive in today’s medical field, through certifications and credentialing.

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