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How to quit smoking – once and for all.

Quitting smoking is most likely the best thing you can do for your health.

Most people who smoke, know that it is bad for their health and have tried to quit. Unfortunately, nicotine is very addictive and therefore difficult to quit.  However, it is not impossible especially with the right resources. Here are some tips to help stop smoking for good:
Its ok that you have tried to quit before without success. Many have tried and failed and now feel like quitting is impossible. It is important to remember that most people who have quit for good, took several tries before they were successful.
Talk to your doctor about the resources available. Nicotine withdrawal can be difficult. Doctors can recommend nicotine replacement products to help with the transition and even prescribe medications ahead of time to help with the urges.
Set a quit date and garner support. This is the kind of decision you can prepare for in order to have resources available.  Plan ahead to increase exercise as 5-10 lbs of weight gain can occur after quitting. Before the quit date remove all tobacco products from your home, car, and office. Letting others know of your decision helps build up a support system. Perhaps you may even find a “quit buddy.”
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