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How to Have Your Best Interview

Going through an interview process is a challenge for many people.  However, there are many things you can do to prepare for an interview.  Here are a few important tips to ensure that you have your best interview:

  • Assess the mood in the room. Knowing your audience is key to presenting yourself and being received well.
  • Make good eye contact with everyone in the room. Don’t just focus on one person, or the person asking the question.
  • Remember your interviewer(s) name(s). Be sure to thank them each by name at the end of the interview.
  • Sell yourself and don’t assume that your interviewer has read every part of your resume or cover letter. Highlight and summarize key parts that would be beneficial to them.
  • Make sure you are actually answering the questions asked of you. It can be easy to focus on part of a question and not get to the answer the interviewer may be looking for.
  • Don’t ramble on, get to your point.
  • Be flexible and go with the flow of the interview. Don’t rush through the questions either.
  • Focus on not repeating yourself. If you have the same example for multiple questions, start thinking of something else. Or make your answer stress a different part of the example for each of the answers.
  • Do your research about the company you are interviewing for. Be prepared to answer questions about the company and your future position.
  • Ask questions at the end. Some ideas include, what do you like most about your job, what is your supervision style, how does your team operate, etc.

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