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How to Get Control of Your Finances

Millions of words are written everyday about personal finance.

Most of these are sensible, but lack the psychological and behavioral aspects that help people break bad financial habits. In the meantime, the advertising world bombards you with great ways to separate you from your money, by blurring the line between “need” and “want.”
For women, the impact of this double bind is most pronounced. While women are said to drive the majority of consumer spending in the United States, they also feel less confident about their retirement than men.
The key to breaking that cycle is to abandon the old advice of “spend less, and save more.” To really make money for the future, women have to make a concerted effort to reprogram themselves. To go from a consumption lifestyle to an active investment mindset. In other words, make hustling your default and risk your friend.

You can earn more money by spending less.

But you should also ask for that raise—and get a side hustle. It’s extra income, but more than that, it extends your marketability by demonstrating initiative and ensuring you have skills outside of your day job.
Whether it’s learning to code and helping small businesses with their digital presence, or starting your own small business on the side, everyone needs multiple ways to earn money. The days of companies taking care of you are long gone.
Then, learn to take risks. The perfect hustle/risk combination is investing.
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