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How To Come Prepared To Your Next Meeting

For those of us with school or work commitments, meetings can occur on a regular basis. Meetings serve an important purpose for the work we are involved in, as they can help to solve problems, foster new ideas, start new projects and so much more. Have you considered how you prepare for each meeting you are involved in? Coming prepared to your meeting reflects who you are and the work you are doing. It also shows that you care about the meeting and have put forth the necessary effort to make the meeting a success. Here are some simple ideas to help you come prepared to your next meeting:

  • Unplug and focus on your meeting at hand.
  • Bring paper and a pen to take notes on, or a computer or tablet if you prefer to type.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your meeting.
  • Bring any necessary presentations or data that you may need.
  • Dress appropriately and dress your best.
  • Eat before your meeting starts, not during it.
  • If you are directing the meeting, establish a planned agenda.
  • Make sure everyone that is necessary to accomplish the goal of the meeting is present.
  • Do any research ahead of time and know what it is that you need to be knowledgeable about.

Can you utilize any of these tips to be more prepared, or perhaps do you have any of your own habits established for arriving prepared to your meetings? Make the most out of every one of your meetings and show up prepared.

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