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How Much Do You Move?

Many people can say they enjoy relaxing after a long day and unwind by sitting or lying down in some fashion. But have you thought about how much of your whole day you spend sitting or lying down and not moving? There is nothing wrong with relaxing and taking it easy, however many people also have jobs that include sitting in front of a computer, which adds to a lack of overall movement. There can in fact be too much time spent not moving, which can lead to increased health problems. Real Simple’s article, “Is Your Lifestyle Too Sedentary? Here Are 8 Signs You’re Not Moving Enough” states that you should spend more than half of your awake hours moving around. Think about how many hours your normally sleep and subtract it from 24 total hours in a day. Then consider what you do during those remaining hours. Daily moving can include walking around the house, taking the stairs, washing dishes, cleaning, cooking and so much more. Some of one’s week should also include regular exercise. The real simple article also suggests not going longer than 60 minutes in a stretch without movement. If you find yourself acknowledging a lack of consistent movement throughout your day, you can make simple changes to get moving. Focus on getting up and moving around for a few minutes of every hour and set goals of daily activities you would like to achieve each day. Keep in mind how important regular movement is for your health and how easy it can be to stay active! Information was sourced from the following site:  https://www.realsimple.com/ health/fitness-exercise/sedentary-lifestyle-signs

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