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How Does HIPAA Affect Me?

HIPAA was designed to protect the patient and the privacy of their health information.  However, HIPAA affects not only the patient but healthcare providers who are interacting with patients.  It is important if you are in the healthcare field or considering a career in the field to understand how HIPAA can affect you.  Both HIPAA rights as a patient and as a healthcare provider are significant in fully understanding the law. Here is a breakdown of patient versus healthcare provider:

Your HIPAA rights as a patient:

  • Request a copy of your health records.
  • Discuss accuracy of it with your healthcare provider and contest what you feel may be incorrect.
  • Be notified how your healthcare information could be used or shared and receive a report on when and where it was shared.
  • If you feel your rights under HIPAA are being violated you can file a complaint with your healthcare provider, insurance company and ultimately the Department of Health and Human Services.

HIPAA as a healthcare provider:

  • You are responsible for protecting patient’s health information that you come in contact with. This includes following the rules in place at your healthcare facility.
  • Complete annual HIPAA trainings as put in place by your employer.
  • Reporting HIPAA violations to your employer, if found.
  • Ask questions to your employer if you are unsure about anything related to HIPAA.
  • Follow proper disposal rules of written protected health information.
  • Follow your organization’s rules for securing health information, whether in a computer, locked cabinet, etc.

Check out the source and additional information for patients and healthcare providers regarding HIPAA here:

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