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HIV Testing

Every year on June 27th, National HIV Testing Day is observed.  Healthcare providers, communities and individuals are invited to be a part of this day to help promote HIV testing and early diagnosis.  HIV testing is important to keeping yourself and others safe.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone be tested at least once, if you are between the ages of 13 and 64.  There are other factors that may increase your need to be tested on a regular basis.  Check with your healthcare provider about your HIV testing needs.
Why should I get tested?

  • Knowledge about your health is important so that you can take actions to prevent illness as well as for accurate treatment of any known illness. Knowing your health status is necessary for staying healthy.
  • HIV testing is covered under insurance. If you do not have insurance there are places that may offer free testing as well.
  • For many, the fear of learning your test results can keep you from getting tested. Today, there is treatment and medication available if you were to test positive.  There are also prevention steps you can take if you are negative, in order to reduce your risk of HIV.
  • In addition to seeing a healthcare provider for testing, there are also home tests available. Your healthcare provider is a great resource for helping you determine the right type of testing and frequency for you.

Help spread the word to your friends, family and peers about HIV testing this June 27th!  For more information about HIV testing and for the sources for this blog, please visit the following sites:

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