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Help Fuel An Inclusive Environment

An inclusive environment is one that incorporates everyone and allows him or her to participate and contribute with his or her uniqueness.  It takes the individuality of each person and values those differences and helps them to prosper.  We are each individuals and have different attributes that are special.  An organization or group needs to first identify these attributes and accept them.  Furthermore, they can learn to utilize these attributes in a way that will strengthen them and allow them to flourish.
Why is it important to know about inclusiveness? An inclusive work/learning environment is one that will not only succeed, but will thrive.  Peers are more likely to want to show up at work and be a part of the effort if they feel included and a part of the team. Individuality that is allowed to prosper in an inclusive environment will produce innovation and productivity.  Inclusiveness demonstrates that each individual is valued.  Without inclusiveness, there is isolation and independence, which does not promote teamwork or acceptance. 
Here are some ways to increase inclusiveness in your environment:

  • Practice open communication.
  • Learn about the culture and interests of your peers
  • Evaluate your own strengths and interests and look for opportunities to grow them
  • Treat your peers equally, this demonstrates your respect
  • Implement policies and procedures that promote acceptance

Taking the lead to be a role model of inclusiveness will also fuel it to spread amongst your peers.  Take the time to say hello to everyone you come across and establish a connection.  Inclusiveness goes beyond a friendly environment.  Try implementing one of the tips above to support your peers and you will see inclusiveness spread! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/characteristics-inclusive-workplace-siyana-sokolova

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