Health Unit Coordinator Week: Coming Very Soon

Health Unit Coordinator Week: Coming Very Soon

Celebrating Health Unit Coordinator Week

Whether you are a health unit coordinator, are thinking of becoming one, or work with someone who is, August 23rd is your national day of recognition. Health Unit Coordinator Week

If you are new to the field, the fundamental role of a HUC is to coordinate communication between staff and patients, as well as to ensure the organization of a hospital or clinic service.

An HUC is an essential position, and her/his duties can vary greatly depending on the facility and their needs.  You will find HUC jobs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical clinics, rehab centers, and public health centers.

Their overall job duties include scheduling, paperwork, transcribing physician orders, managing supplies and much more.  Health unit coordinators often work under the supervision of a doctor or nurse.

Although an HUC is primarily a non-clinical position, knowledge of medical terminology, medical diseases and medications and patient rights are all necessary for job success.

As hospitals continue to grow and the medical field expands to accommodate ongoing medical needs, HUCs are a vital position to ensuring patient care. The Health Unit Coordinator Week is a symbolic homage to the contributions of HUCs around the nation to the activities of healthcare facilities.

We Care Online offers a Health Unit Coordinator Certification course, which has no prerequisites and is 60 clock hours.  Upon completion of the course, you can take a national certification exam (through NAHUC) to get certified.  To explore more about becoming an HUC through We Care Online, click here: Health Unit Coordinator Certification

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