Health Unit Coordinator Part 2

Health Unit Coordinator Part 2

Earlier this week we explored the role of a Health Unit Coordinator.  Here is a closer look at the job requirements and job outlook of a Health Unit Coordinator.  These are important to be aware of if you are considering this career or are interested in additional information.


Prerequisites For Becoming A Health Unit Coordinator

The Health Unit Coordinator prerequisites can vary depending on the employer and state, however majority look for a high school diploma or GED and some are looking at the Health Unit Coordinator course, as essential.  We Care Online offers a Health Unit Coordinator course, which requires no prerequisites but includes 60 clock hours.

National Certification Exam

After completion of the prerequisites, the next step is studying for and completing the national certification exam administered by the National Association of Health Unit Clerks/Coordinators (NAHUC). The certification is for three years and consists of practice questions followed by timed multiple-choice questions.  You are allotted two and a half hours to complete the exam.  Check out the handbook from the NAHUC on full details of the exam, listed below.  They also provide you with the topics from the exam and sample questions.


Health Unit Coordinator Job Outlook

As with most healthcare jobs, the demand for a Health Unit Coordinator is steadily increasing, as the number of patient beds increases to meet the need of our aging population.  Health Unit Coordinators will be necessary to facilitate larger amounts of beds and ensure quality care is administered.  The pay scale ranges from $24,000 to $32,000.

Check Out Some Additional Resources

  • Quick link to the Health Unit Coordinator course through We Care Online:

  • The National Association of Health Unit Clerks/Coordinators Candidate Handbook:

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