Health Unit Coordinator Certification: Online Course vs. Classes

Health Unit Coordinator Certification

Our Health Unit Coordinator Course prepares you for the NAHUC exam, key to the HUC Certification. 

Health Unit Coordinator Certification Course Online Delivered online by WeCareOnline for several years, the Health Unit Coordinator Course has led many of our students to acquire the knowledge necessary to find their place and play a positive role in any healthcare facility (hospital, clinic, emergency care center).

As a future Health Unit Coordinator, you will discover during the course the managerial and administrative nature of your duties. To list a few of the topics in which you will become proficient as you progress towards your Health Unit Coordinator certification:

  • Coordination of the organizational flow of a healthcare unit
  • Management of patients’ admission and discharge
  • Handling of medical records, both paper records and electronic records
  • Knowledge of ethical and legal standards (e.g. workplace behavior)
  • Customer care and relationship management
  • Preparation of treatment charts
  • Scheduling doctor-patient appointments
  • Basic nursing procedures
  • Knowledge of basic pharmacology and medical terminology
  • Medical knowledge (basic human anatomy, diseases, disorders)

You will be helped all along

The instructors of WeCareOnlineClasses will take care of your progress along the course. They have a full hands-on experience of the duties, requirements, work environment and expectations of a HUC. The Health Unit Coordinator Certification Course has been entirely designed to help you pass the NAHUC exam by preparing you to answer the type of questions you will be asked on the day of the exam.

More importantly, it will help you prepare your transition from your current job to the exciting position of HUC. Your future teammates (doctors, nurses, administrative staff) will expect you to find your marks quickly. The best way to become operational quickly is to receive the thorough and methodical training of our Course.

How long is the Health Unit Coordinator Course?

The course itself consists in 60 hours of training. Of course, you will have to study the course materials, participate in class discussions,  interact with your instructor and be guided by her/him during your study. There will also be some assignments and papers to write. So the total duration of the course is not just 60 hours.

You will be required by NAHUC to recertify every three years.

Health Unit Coordinator training online vs. HUC classes “near me”

Many of our students were looking for “health unit coordinator classes near me” when they found WeCareOnlineClasses and the possibility to do their HUC training online.

If COVID has taught us a great lesson, it is this one: going to night classes in a remote location, spending time in transportation, putting our personal safety at risk late at night in a city… All of this has become totally pointless. Online classes are absolutely as good as “live”, on-campus classes, and learning from home is a much more affordable and comfortable option today.

WeCareOnlineClasses has advocated for home-based training classes for well over 10 years, way before this training experience became popular.

We have perfected our training courses to help each of our remote students to become proficient in their field of specialty, and quickly operational on the job.

Taking your Health Unit Coordinator Course online is the option that makes the most sense in most cases. Consider the advantages:

  • No extra time out of your home (more time for yourself and your family)
  • No late-night safety risks (prefer the safety of your home)
  • No transportation time (but more time with your children, for instance)
  • No transportation costs (Uber is not so cheap when you go to campus once or twice a week)
  • No parking ticket ever
  • No stress to be in class on time
  • No worries with the weather (who loves snow, rain, and the cold?)
  • And best of all, a much more affordable tuition!

We believe that the search for “health unit coordinator classes near me” is a thing of the past. Everyone will study online, even the largest universities now offer online course and off-campus education. encourages you to take every step to pursue you career goals with continuing education training. Take the step today, do not delay. Call us at 888-932-2501 and ask any question that you may have.  If you don’t need to ask questions, and feel ready to start on the path to your Health Unit Coordinator Certification, then click on the button REGISTER NOW.

Course Instructor

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