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Happiness in the Workplace

Close your eyes and take 30 seconds to think about what makes you happy about your work.  What types of things came to mind?  Is it simply your job duties that you enjoy, is it your coworkers, or are there additional factors?  Are there things that your employer does to recognize your hard work and show you that they appreciate your efforts?
Happiness in the workplace is essential to the success of our work.  Happy employees are those who enjoy their work, are more productive and are overall successful.
Wouldn’t you like to show up happy to your work every day and see that same joy in your coworkers?

Let us consider some new ways to promote a happy environment for everyone.
A positive work environment is accomplished by creating a supportive place where employees want to come into work and then stay throughout the day.  Consider taking the initiative to promote positivity in your workplace, by offering a friendly hello, or a smile, or politely thanking someone for his or her assistance.  Some people feel valued when recognized for their work.  Many workplaces shows recognition through honoring an employee of the month, or sending out “kudos” to teammates for their job well done.  Some workplaces have a “fun committee” in charge of promoting teambuilding activities at work, such as potlucks, organizing a team-building event or sending out birthday cards to staff.  Beyond recognition, many people feel valued when their employers give them support and feedback.  Knowing you have support from your peers and your managers provides security and promotes teamwork.  Show that you care about your peers, by taking the time to get to know each other.  Try asking your peers, “How are you doing?”
Help promote happiness in yourself and those in your workplace by promoting a positive culture.  Take these ideas and try incorporating one in your workplace today!  To see more ways to promote happiness in your workplace, visit https://hiring.monster.ca/hr/hr-best-practices/workforce-management/employee-performance-management/seven-simple-ways-to-cultivate-a-happy-workplace.aspx.

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