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Great Fun Activities for Summer with the Kids

“I’m bored!”  It’s the two words every parents dread as school lets out for summer.  Fear not; I’ve put together two weeks worth of fun summer activities for kids to keep them busy, and their parents sane.
The list of summer activities ranges in cost from free to frugal, but each requires extra quality time with kids – something we can all afford to spend more on!

14 Fun, Frugal Summer Activities for Kids

Day 1. See a “one dollar” movie at the theater. Many theater chains around the country offer summer movie programs for kids where they offer a “one dollar” movie every day for a week, or on a particular day of the week all summer. Alternative: Have a movie day at home by streaming a classic from Netflix.
Day 2. Sprinkler day.  Delay your sprinklers for one day so they come a little later in the morning.  This way everyone can get on their bathing suits and have fun jumping through the sprinklers on a hot day.  But not for too long!  This is a good time to teach them about conserving water, reducing utility costs, etc.
Day 3. Attend “story time” at your local library.  My kids love to check out books on all kinds of subjects.  My son currently has three library books on swimming, pirates and going to the dentist (quite a diverse reader, huh?).  Many libraries also have a story time to encourage a summer reading program.  Stories are read out loud and the kids have a chance to interact with the story-teller and answer questions about the book.
Day 4. Set up a lemonade stand. This is probably my favorite idea because of the lessons in entrepreneurship involved.
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