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February Challenge Month

For those diligent and persistent few that made New Year’s resolutions and have stuck to them, congratulations! However, for many more of us who have fallen short, it is not too late to make it a great year.   A resolution that lasts the whole year, can be a huge commitment and often we fall short because of time, or our lack of commitment or other outside factors.  How about trying just a month-long challenge? That is just 30 days compared to 365 days! The month of February can be your month! Whether it is the New Year’s resolution you fell short on or something new, now can be the time.  A month-long challenge can be for your physical activity, your eating, your weight, your spending, your activities, your commitments, your house chores, your bad habits and more! Think of a high priority goal and pack it all into one month of change.  You can start your challenge by yourself or grab a friend or family member to join you.  You can even expand your challenge to include school or work goals.  Talk with your school group or work team about challenging yourselves this month.  Having others around you who are working on similar goals, can help motivate you and keep everyone else on track too.  Once you have completed your month challenge, you can stop there and feel satisfied with your great accomplishment! Or you could focus on a new challenge for the month of March or try continuing your February challenge for another 30 days this year.  A month challenge is a great start to the new year.  Good luck with your new challenge!

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