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Establishing A Routine

Can you believe it, it’s back to school season already!  Whether you are returning to school yourself, or have a family member returning, or maybe you are a teacher or involved in the school system, this time of year means back to business.  Over the summer, activities change and schedules shift.  Now that the school year is approaching, it is time to start thinking about school schedules and establishing a routine.  A routine is important for a person of any age, as it helps us develop good habits and provides stability in our busy day.  For the purpose of school, a routine can help to reduce stress and provide structured time for pleasurable activities while fitting in all the demands of school.
Before jumping into a routine, it is important to consider what your priorities are and what goals/tasks you want to complete each day.  Then you can begin creating a schedule of your routine.  Make a log of your normal daily activities and then list some activities you want to incorporate into your routine.  Try writing down your routine and making a log of what is working and what is not working.  You can then adjust your routine accordingly.  In order to keep on task with your routine, you need to first and foremost focus on your routine.
Keep in mind that establishing a new routine is not easy and often takes some time to set in place.  This practice can be applied to all areas of life and can be especially important for studying and getting homework done consistently.  A routine can be very helpful to keep you focused on achieving your goals.  There are many additional resources available to you on the internet by simply searching for creating a schedule or routine.  Good luck!

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