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End of Life Decisions: The Rise of Hospice Care

As the demand for assisted living and elder care rises, so does the need for end of life and hospice care. There are many crossovers between assisted living and hospice care, and this means there are many opportunities for career growth and changes. This overview, just over a year old, paints a very optimistic picture for healthcare workers with an interest in end of life care. CNAs and Home Health Aides can expect to see more employment options than ever before. As the article notes, “Like so many other senior care industries, the hospice industry is expected to boom as aging Baby Boomers seek palliative care in increasing numbers.” It also notes that the hospice is largely “underserved” and that individuals were unable to find hospice services in their immediate areas. More facilities and organizations are springing up to fill this need, so there will be a steady demand for qualified workers. There is a lot in this article to interest people working in healthcare or considering a career in the field.

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