Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of the month of March.  This year it will be on Friday March 6, 2020.  Although Employee Appreciation Day is not an official holiday, it is a day marked to take the time to celebrate and thank your employees.  Finding good employees and people you enjoy working with can be challenging.  Taking the extra step to let your coworkers know that you appreciate them, can go the extra mile in boosting their morale and providing support.  Here are some fun and unique ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day at your workplace:

  • Have a potluck breakfast or lunch celebration at work.
  • Have an early work closure day.
  • Write thank you notes to your coworkers for all that they do and mean to you.
  • Bring in your favorite treat to share.
  • Make a small gift of candy or another item to brighten their day.
  • Send them an email just to thank them for their work.
  • Make a staff shout out board in the office where everyone can pin a note of encouragement to one another.
  • Gift them with a new office/desk supply item.
  • Leave an anonymous note on their desk with an encouraging quote.
  • Treat an employee out for a meal.

Any small gesture can go a long way in showing someone that you appreciate them.  Use Employee Appreciation Day as an opportunity to say how thankful you are for your coworkers.  You can try one of these ideas or get creative and come up with something you know they’ll enjoy!

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