Customer Service Tips!

Customer Service Tips!

Customer service is crucial, no matter the position you hold or desire in the healthcare field.  Patients are customers and have a choice in their healthcare today.  Patients can choose from multiple doctors or pharmacies or clinics depending on their insurance.  Many patients even have choices with their insurance carrier.  In today’s marketplace of multiple choices, it is important to obtain and retain your customers.  Providing excellent customer service will not only benefit your position in the future, but it makes your day-to-day job easier.   As the healthcare field evolves, customer service is also evolving.  Here are a few tips to improving your customer service today.

  1. Provide services on time. It is easy to get behind in your day when you run into an unexpected conversation or maybe a task takes longer than expected.  But it is important to remember that everyone’s time is valuable and you show respect to your appointments if you keep to them as closely on time as possible.  If you are running late, let them know or ask someone to notify him or her.  This shows that you acknowledge you are running late but took the time to apologize.
  2. A smile can go a long way.  Smiling to your peers as well as your customers creates an inviting atmosphere and one that demonstrates your friendliness.  A smile also opens up an avenue for trust.
  3. Know how to handle complaints. No matter your position, you need to be equipped with taking a complaint first hand.  Dealing with a complaint at the first sight of it will demonstrate that you care about the complaint and will hopefully dissolve it before it escalates.

Any of these tips put to practice can go a long way.  Try implementing them and sharing them with your peers to create a more successful working environment!

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