Microsoft Word for Medical Professionals

Microsoft Word for Medical Professionals Program Description:

English-Medical-TerminologyThis course is designed to provide a basic understanding of MS Word processing software as it applies to document creation in a medical setting. Knowledge of word processing software is essential to perform successfully as a medical transcriptionist-scribe in a clinical setting. Most electronic medical record (EMR) software interfaces with MS Word, and most EMR systems have pre-programmed documents utilizing Word formats. Key areas of concentration include creating documents with Word 2013; editing, formatting and creating documents, as well as building forms.

Your education is an important part of your future. The course is perfect for professionals who want to learn more more to further their position in the medical field. You will earn a Certificate of Completion for this finishing this course.

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This course is approved by the Kansas Board of Regents. You can view our approved courses: Click Here

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