Consistency = Caring

Consistency = Caring

You may have heard of certain phrases about consistency such as “Consistent actions lead to consistent results” or “consistency is the key to success”. Consistency is defined as an agreement or adherence to the same form or parts.  It can also mean that something is in harmony or compatible with one another.  There are many environments where the process of change is required and necessary to keep moving forward.  On the flip side, there are also workplaces and school situations where consistency is necessary.  Some of the great benefits of demonstrating consistency are that it creates accountability, forms good habits, establishes your reputation and provides some reliability and reassurance to others.  Consistency can help establish great trust between people.  In the healthcare field where new medications, new treatments, and new facilities are being created, it is necessary to demonstrate consistency in one’s care.  Consistency in treatment care provides the best care because it makes patients feel secure and comfortable.  For those in customer service, having a lack of consistency leaves people feeling frustrated or confused.  There are many ways you can demonstrate consistency in your workplace or school activities.  For many, success in consistency starts with creating a plan and sticking to that plan by following through with every aspect of it as often as necessary.  Maintaining consistency is possible through making reminders, creating a schedule, holding yourself accountable and above all staying positive through the process.  Forming the skill of consistency can be a stepping stone to developing other great skills such as being self-disciplined and reliable.  Most importantly, demonstrating consistency shows you care by following through with your promises.

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