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Considering a Hospital Job?

A hospital is a complex work setting that includes a wide range of jobs.  These jobs include both clinical and non-clinical positions.  Clinical jobs either provide direct patient care or treat patients.  Non-clinical jobs do not provide medical care and include support staff positions.
Within a hospital, there are many departments and jobs of all types, which are necessary to keep a hospital functioning well.  A hospital is often divided into units of care, such as emergency, surgery, cafeteria, pharmacy, outpatient care, triage, laboratory, and many more depending on the hospital.  All of these are designed to work together to provide the best care and comfort for the patient and their family/support system.  Like many jobs in the healthcare system, hospital jobs are in high demand.  Depending on your education, experience, skills and/or interests, a hospital position may be the right fit for you.  Here is a list of just some of the possible positions one could hold working at a hospital.

Clinical jobs at a hospital: doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, nursing assistant, medical assistant, physical therapist, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, technicians, dietician, phlebotomy, research coordinators, and more.
Non-clinical jobs at a hospital: social worker, administrative assistants, human resources, IT, accounting, marketing, food services, housekeeping, groundskeeper, maintenance, medical billing/coding, medical equipment repair, front desk manager, medical receptionist, scheduler and more.
Next, we will take a closer look at some of the pros and cons to working at a hospital and some of the resources to finding a hospital job.  Click here for the source and for additional resources regarding positions at a hospital:

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