Certified Health Unit Coordinator Review – CHUC Recertification

Certified Health Unit Coordinator Training Review (CHUC Recertification)

IMPORTANT: WeCareOnlineClasses does not offer this refresher course anymore. This page only presents some basic information about the course and its requirements.

Certified Heath Unit Coordinator CHUC Recertification Training Description:

The Certified Health Unit Coordinator Training Review gives you 5 contact hours to apply toward your HUC recertification by NAHUC.  

This continuing education course is designed to help the Certified Health Unit Coordinator to review the basics of the HUC position. It will also prep you for the NAHUC exam if you choose to take the exam obtain your CHUC recertification.

The course material is set up to go along with a textbook. It is however up to the student to use the textbook.

Taking this continuing education training, you will earn a 5 contact-hour credit towards your CHUC recertification.

Continuing education is important

As you already know if you are a Health Unit Coordinator, your field of specialty evolves constantly: your employer may require you to participate in best-practice program implementation, or State & Federal regulatory review programs, etc. Continuing education is a must in your career.

NAHUC mandates a recertification every three years. The conditions stated in their handbook are as follows:

Certification is a privilege. It is your responsibility to maintain your certification. You may renew your certification in one of two ways:

1. By providing proof to the NAHUC Certification Board of having acquired thirty-six (36) NAHUC contact hours for various educational activities during the three (3) year certification period; or

2. By passing the certification examination before your certification expiration date.

Upon satisfying either of these requirements, you will be recertified as a CHUC and issued a new certification card and recertification certificate. You will retain your original certification identification number and date.

Failure to meet either recertification requirement will result in the revocation of your certification. In order to become certified again, you will have to re-take the examination.”

Source: http://documents.goamp.com/Publications/candidateHandbooks/nahuc-handbook.pdf

WeCareOnlineClasses.com encourages you to take every step to pursue you career goals with continuing education training. The CHUC recertification requires 36 contact-hours: the course itself will give you a 5 contact-hours credit. When you take the course early, you give yourself enough time to review and expand your knowledge as a Health Unit Coordinator, and you avoid the stress of last-minute study. Please note: WeCareOnlineClasses does not deliver this course anymore.

More importantly, your career as an HUC can only benefit from this continuing education as you put yourself in a stronger position to serve your patients, your colleagues, your team and your employer.

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