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Celebrating July 4th!

Fourth of July is the celebration of the independence of the United States.  Many of us recognize this national holiday as a day to celebrate America.  All across the United States, July Fourth is celebrated with parades, fireworks, parties, picnics, barbecues, the salute to the union, music and so much more.  This year, many of these events may be impacted and look different as a result of the pandemic.  However, many Fourth of July traditions can still be held, and new ones can be formed as well.  Here is a list of events you can enjoy this year from the comfort of your own home:
Fireworks:  If you’re fortunate to be able to view your city fireworks from your residence, by all means enjoy.  Traveling to a safe local place can also be a great way to enjoy fireworks.  For others, if fireworks are not available, check your local television listings to find out what cities are showing them and for their times.
Barbecues and Picnics:  Summer is a great time to use your grill or enjoy a nice backyard picnic.  Plan a great meal to enjoy cooking and eating.
Bake some Fourth of July desserts:  Whether you have a Fourth of July baking tradition or are looking for something new, it’s a great day to experiment.  Looks for new recipes that you will enjoy and are festive!
Try some Fourth of July crafts:  Grab some red white and blue paint and get crafting!  There are so many fun projects you and the kids can enjoy on the Fourth of July! Whether it’s painting a flowerpot or old cans/bottles, making a wreath, homemade confetti poppers or a garland of stars, there are so many fun crafts to try this year.  Check here for more crafting ideas: https://www.womansday.com/home/crafts-projects/g2446/4th-of-july-crafts/
Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!

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