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Becoming Mentally Prepared

Whether you are preparing for back to school or perhaps you have a presentation at work or some challenge you are facing, being mentally prepared is a key to success.  Any type of change or big event can be impacted by our mental preparedness.  Mental preparedness is being ready for a situation in your mind and can include your thoughts, your vision and how you feel about the situation before going into it. Being mentally prepared can help us then perform in that situation to the best of our ability and help to reduce our anxiety over it as well.  One way to focus on being mentally prepared is picturing the event unfolding.  It can be easy to envision the bad side of the event happening instead of what you are hoping for.  So, stay positive and focus only on your good thoughts.  It can be beneficial to consider all outcomes, and how you would respond to them, but ruminating on the bad won’t help you succeed.  In addition to positive thoughts, you can also encourage yourself with self-talk.  This can be useful to walking yourself through the situation with encouragement.  Coming up with positive words or phrases and practicing them ahead of time.  Then when the event comes you can remember and repeat those to yourself, to help you through it.  Another tip for mental preparedness is asking for help.  Talk with other people who you trust for their advice or expertise on the situation.  This can be helpful to learning more about how your situation could unfold and how you could prepare even more.  Lastly, part of mental preparedness is starting equipped with good sleep and healthy meals.  Going into your situation with your best foot forward will increase your chances for success.  Whatever your situation may be that you are facing, take charge of your mental health and prepare as best you can.  For more information on becoming mentally prepared and for the source, click here:

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