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Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

February is recognized nationally as wise healthcare consumer month. We have all used or will
use healthcare services some point, or maybe you have accessed them with a family member or
loved one. There are ways that you can make the most of your healthcare and here’s where to
What does it mean to be a wise healthcare consumer?
We cannot control the cost of healthcare services, however there are steps we can take to
lessen our cost and make the most effective choices for our own healthcare. Being a wise
healthcare consumer means making informed decisions about our healthcare. It means
knowing your current health plan, what other health plans are out there, and taking
preventative measures to take care of your health.
How can I become a wise healthcare consumer?
You can start being a wise healthcare consumer by obtaining health insurance benefits. Then
take the time to review your health plan and read through the explanation of your benefits,
which will inform you how much certain medical services and procedures cost. Learn what
services you have access to and compare them with what services you are in need of. Take
advantage of the services that are covered by your health plan. Often preventative services are
cheaper and more cost effective. You can also talk with your healthcare provider about more
cost-effective treatment options that might be available along with cheaper prescription drug
options. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and contact your health insurance provider to ask
these kinds of questions.
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