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Avoiding Unhealthy Temptations

Do you have health goals you are working toward?  We can all agree that we come across unhealthy temptations that keep us from our goals.  For some of us there can be more temptations if we are trying to change our health patterns.  Temptations can come in the form of food, beverages, physical activity, or any type of time robber that keeps you from your health goal.  Avoiding temptations that threaten your health goals is necessary for achievement.  So, the question becomes, how can we say no consistently?  The first place to start if you have not already established it, is to set a goal for yourself and make a plan to achieve it.  Include a deadline and a time frame to work on your goal, little by little.  Whatever your unhealthy weakness is, avoid exposing yourself to it.  Whether your weakness is housed in a store or restaurant or some other place, avoid going there and increasing your temptation.  It is easier to say no when something is not in front of you.  However, another great tip to avoiding unhealthy temptations, is to make an escape plan.  If you come across your temptation, have a plan in place on how to avoid it without giving in.  Consider a healthy support buddy to work on your goals with them.  You can help keep each other accountable and rely on each other for support during times of temptation.  Keeping busy is also another great tool to avoiding your temptation.  If you are consistently busy, you have less time to think about your temptations.  If facing a temptation, remind yourself of your goal.  Keep a picture in your mind of your health goal and focus on that.  At the end of the day, mistakes and slip ups can happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Recognize that this can happen and make a plan for a more successful day tomorrow.

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