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Avoiding Extra Pounds During the Holidays

This is a hectic time of year.  We are all very busy working a full time job, part time job, managing the household, chauffeuring the kids to everyplace under the sun. The fall sports season is about to end, the winter sports season is gearing up. Holiday shopping is on your mind and you are behind schedule.  Your friends and family are beckoning you for visits,  your laundry is overflowing and you have to still figure out what to cook for dinner.

Does this sound familiar?  The holidays can be a stressful time of year.   There is so much stuff to do and the days don’t grant you extra hours to get it all done. The daylight turns to a night time sky earlier than you desire and you feel sleepy at 5 pm because of it.

On top of all of the above, it becomes difficult for many of us to eat healthy during the holiday season because we are always on the go and sometimes we make bad choices. Not to mention, we are perpetually surrounded by baked goods and delicious treats . . .

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