Assisted Living: Fun and Stimulating Men's Activities


Assisted Living: Fun and Stimulating Men's Activities

Men’s activities can seem difficult to come up with to keep them occupied, stimulated and interested. Men don’t usually care to do some activities that women love to do, or not for that long. Tea parties, cooking and baking, even bingo and crafts can begin to bore some of the men who would like more masculine things to do and talk about.

But just as women love to talk about the ingredients in a fruit cake, men still love to talk about whatever has interested them. Usually politics, sports and various hobbies they may have had from years ago such as hunting or fishing.

An honorable quality built into most people is the desire to share knowledge and experience. Although the seniors may have less memory recall and less agility they have had many life experiences and knowledge that they would like to share. Sharing with younger people can be very stimulating to the elderly, particularly if the youth are responsive and respectful.

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