April Is National Humor Month

April Is National Humor Month

The month of April starts with the nationally celebrated April Fool’s Day.  Did you know that the entire month is dedicated to bringing awareness about humor?  Humor can bring laughter and happiness to people.  It is also something that is universal across all groups of people and across all languages.  One of the great things about humor is, although it is universal, people can find humor in different ways and react uniquely to humor.  Humor is all around us in the television we watch, the news we read, the people we interact with, the books we read and the online websites and apps we use.  Having humor has many benefits that you may or may not know about.  It can help you deal with stress and difficult situations.  It can be entertaining and brings forth laughter in groups of people. It can also unite us with friends and family who share our same sense of humor.  Humor can have benefits to our physical health as well.  Humor is an important part of our lives and something that should be celebrated.  What are things you can do to add more humor in your life or into the lives of those around you?  Are there ways that you can celebrate national humor month this April?  Think about your school or workplace and how you can brighten the month with humor.  Help pass along your knowledge about humor month this April!

Check out these sources below for more information about humor.


This website includes additional resources for jokes, downloadable materials and more for teachers and classrooms!


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