Appreciation in Relationships


Appreciation in Relationships

Appreciation by dictionary definition is a recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.  It can also mean having a complete understanding of the worth of something.  Appreciation in a relationship can take many forms from words spoken, to acts of service to physical gestures.  That being said, why does appreciation matter in relationships?  Why is it often mentioned as one of the top characteristics needed in a healthy relationship?

healthy-relationships-xw40gI.jpg Appreciation is a key to having a healthy relationship and is necessary, because as humans we desire positive attention.  It provides value to a relationship and this in turn strengthens our relationships.  However, appreciation is something that can be taken for granted and can be challenging to keep up with.  It may be something that needs to be evaluated regularly and is not something that should be disregarded.  How do you show your appreciation in your relationships?  Appreciation can be as easy as a simple thank you.  Some other ideas of showing appreciation could be providing compliments, paying attention to little things in your relationships, purchasing a gift and spending quality time together.  Who do you appreciate in your life? Your spouse, significant other, family, friend, neighbor, coworker?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself and challenge your appreciation in your relationships.

  • How do you feel appreciation? And have you expressed it in your relationships? agefriendly-UdC8uz.jpg
  • How are you showing others appreciation every day?
  • How do you want to feel appreciated?

Appreciation is a daily act and is necessary to keep relationships healthy and dynamic.  Appreciation can be simple or planned and detailed.  I Hope this challenges you to increasing appreciation in your relationships today!

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